About blessed.tv

Our mission is to make church services and sermons accessible online and empower pastors to reach more people in the digital era.

Blessed was built on five founding beliefs that shape our product, guide us forward, and define who we are.

  • Everyone deserves to have quick and easy access to high-quality religious content on-demand, and that video is a powerful force for church at home.

  • Access to religion should never be restricted because of who you are or where you live. Everyone should be able to find faith, break down barriers, and come together.

  • People want the flexibility to fit religion into their schedule and strengthen their faith on their own time. When life throws you a curveball on Monday-Saturday, you shouldn’t have to wait until Sunday.

  • People should have the freedom to easily explore pastors and churches to find the ones that speak to them - church should be fun and relevant to you.

  • Pastors should have an equal voice and equal chance to be discovered based on the quality and content of their services and sermons.

These beliefs led us to build blessed.tv in the middle of the 2020 pandemic after seeing first hand how the closure of churches around the world affected the lives of millions - leaving many scrambling to fill a religious void. Our goal is to give people who can no longer attend a physical church a place on the internet where they can bring church into their home.